Back to Work Slide

I have enjoyed a most GLORIOUS 7 weeks of summer vacation (granted the last two weeks I was at a reading intervention training and prepping paperwork for the start of the school year). I am ready yet not ready to return to work. I’ve noticed I am reading less and less in the days leading up to Wednesday, which is when teachers go back at my school. I think I have spent so much more of my time focusing on what this year will be like and reflecting on last year and how I can be better this year that I have not met my reading goal for the end of summer.


Luckily, I have a half day Wednesday and Friday and I am hoping to practice some self care and read away. I also have TWO books on hold at the library that I need to pick up (more about the joys of the public library in a future post).


Anyways do you have any reading goals? Do those goals change when work picks back up from summer? Does it stay the same? Comment below! I’d love to hear your reading goals! download.jpeg

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