Public Libray

When was the last time you visited your public library? I know for me I was probably in my first year of college, when I came home for winter or spring break. Well, luckily for me I recently rediscovered how amazing public libraries are AND I want to give you a few reasons to visit your public library.


  • You can check out FREE e-books. Super cool because you don’t even have to go in to the library to check out an e-book.
  • You save so much space and money. I know one of the reasons I slowed down with my reading was I just didn’t have the space to keep up with my books AND I like to make sure my books go to good homes.
  • They even have FREE audiobooks! I was about to sign up for audible when a facebook friend of mine shared a post about the different audiobook apps public libraries have and well, I can NEVER pass up free so I knew I was going to have to join my public library.
  • Libraries offer some amazing services FOR FREE to members. My library has family magazine, reading programs, free breakfast and lunch for school aged kids during the summer, tutoring and homework help for members to name a few of the resources.
  • You can put a book on hold. What this means is you can request a librarian find the book you are looking for and put it on the shelf in the front for you to go and quickly pick up. (Being a toddler mom means I have limited free time so this feature is super nice for someone like me.)

I strongly believe public libraries are important and essential parts of everyone’s community. They provide free and educational resources, provide free wifi, they shelter those experiencing homelessness. Libraries really attempt to level an already uneven playing field. Libraries are amazing and I hope you consider visiting your local library if even just for the free wifi.


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