Strands of Faith

Now, I know this blog is mainly book related BUT I did say I wanted to share ALL of my passions, and natural hair care and hair products is one of them so here it goes, a product review.

I have been using the Strand Of Faith products for a few months now and it’s the first product line that is specifically formulated for type 4 hair that I’ve tried and I’m so glad my mom found and introduced me to it!

I use it on my and my daughters hair and our hair has never felt so moisturized. Seriously! I come home after work and my hair still feels so soft and isn’t frizzy. I’m the type of natural who usually always wears protective styles and I’ve been wearing my natural fro, and twist/braid outs for a few months now! The products smell fantastic, they keep your hair moisturized and aren’t heavy. They have a lot of slip and I honestly recommend EVERYONE (especially type 4 Hair) try these products! Follow their IG @strandsoffaith

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