E-books versus Physical Books



Do you prefer  to read e-books or printed books? I for sure am a printed book person THOUGH I have recently discovered why e-books can be so amazing.  I love the smell of books (sounds weird, I know, BUT trust me books have the most glorious smell), I love the satisfaction of turning the pages of a book and finishing a chapter. There is nothing like visually seeing and feeling more of the book held on your left side as you get closer AND closer to finishing a book. With all of that said I have recently discovered some joys of e-books that I will share below:

  • It is a cost effective way to buy as many books as you’d like.
  • You can buy books on a lazy day from the comfort of your bed/home.
  • You don’t have to wait for a book to become available at your local library.
  • E-books can be loaned to friends!! (book club anyone?)
  • They save space! I do NOT have enough storage space for ALL the books I want to buy so it is nice to have e-books as an option.
  • You can read e-books in line at the grocery store, while getting a pedicure, really anywhere you bring your phone or e-reader.


Which do you prefer? Printed books OR e-books?

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