Reading Apps

I have decided as a part of my self care this year, to use book apps to make reading a daily part of my life. Here are some of my go to apps and how I use them to keep me n my self care journey.

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  • Cloudlibrary –this app is where I read e-books and listen to audio books from my public library. I also post reviews!
  • Audible- I am currently trying out the 30 day FREE trial and have now started to enjoy audio books as a result!
  • GoodReads- I add to a virtual TBR list here, post reviews, interact with authors and friends as well as find book suggestions on this app.
  • SDPL- my library’s other free app where I can check out books and put books on hold as well as log my reading.
  • Notes- I created a mini TBR list/tab on here that I add to when I see a new book I need to read.
  • Instagram- I have a bookstagram account and on that account I also created a TBR saved list that I add to daily!



Do you use any book apps? Which book apps do you use? Share them below!


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