Blog Purpose

1.Why was this blog created?

– I created this blog because I enjoy reading and wanted a space where I could share my opinions on certain books that I read. I also hope to connect with other book lovers!

2.What types of things will be posted on this blog?

– I will post books I am currently reading. My thoughts and questions at different points in the book as well as overall opinions on books I read.

3. What is your goal with this blog?

-My goal, is to share my thoughts and opinions mostly on books I have read, want to read and also, share my thoughts on products I love.

4. What sorts of books will you post about?

-I read a lot of YA, contemporary, historical fiction in my spare time. BUT, I am a mom to a toddler as well as a special education teacher currently supporting elementary students so I can totally see myself posting books my students are reading as well as books my daughter enjoys.